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Here are all my tracked threads on the Nav+ (installs, map disks etc.)

Nav+ install posts: (preview of tech article) (pins part#'s etc)

2001 A6 Avant: Interior Modifications to date (Nav+, DVD/MP3 player, Sport Wheel, Compass Mirror)

I already know of two people who have this installed with their Nav+ and they absolutely love it!! Here are some pix installed in a B6 A4.

Audi Navi+ and Blaupunkt DVD-ME3 install finished

FYI - Most Mercedes Benz (aka "Comand Navigation") discs will work as well...

I have the pin removal tools for behind the Symphony I if you need to borrow them

NAV + install complete!. (long) (fix clean US-based Nav+ drive)

Nav+ (Phase I) - Installing TMC/CAN and GPS in dash area of 2001 A6

Dual input device - Jeff Bipes

1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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