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I'm sorry to ask this about Satellite radio

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but I just don't understand how you're doing it. I have a 2002 A4 w/symphony II and Bose. I saw the pictures that Proxus put up and my question is did he have to make the plugs and put the wires in for Sirius satellite to work. My car obviously isn't prewired for it. Do I need to get the adapter w/Bose,w/telephone,w/CD changer or do I need to just make sure it has the bose adapter? I'll never use the phone option but I'll likely try to do the DVD thing later. The general install of the radio is easy but the satellite part is what I'm not understanding. Thanks in advance.
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If you have the OEM SAT radio option (prewired or actually installed) you have three wires in the connector which usually holds the wires for the CD changer. Without SAT radio installed or prewired, you don't have these wires and likely not even the connector (as in your car). The SAT radio is not conly connected to the head unit (the three wires I was just talking about) but also to the CAN-BUS and power (in the back of the trunk where it is installed).

I would still get the adapter with support for a CD changer and phone. This way you have all the wires you need eventually.
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