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If an XM unit is installed but not activated what does it...

1179 Views 4 Replies 4 Participants Last post by  nene on the RNS-E display? Does it still show the "This vehicle is pre-equipped for satellite radio... please see your dealer" message, or will it say something else? I'm retrofitting an XM unit in my S4, and I bought it used from someone who said it was still activated for a few months. When I first plugged it in and turned on the system I saw a station list for about 2 seconds and then it went back to the beforementioned "please see your dealer" screen. I haven't seen the tuning screen since then, but I would hate to call and activate it under my name if it is already pre-paid for a few months (no reason to give XM more money than they deserve) and I just have it installed wrong or something.
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It looks like you got a 1st generation receiver (no index or index A) but the RNS-E will only work with the second generation receivers (Index D and E). With the first generation receivers you will be able to listen to the last selected station but you won't be able to change the station. And you get the message you mentioned.

Also, make sure the receiver you get has either never been activated or did properly get deactivated. I heard now several times that only the person who has originally activate a receiver and deactivate it. If that person is gone the receiver is worth nothing.
Nope. Works fine now... just needed a couple minutes to mate with the system or something. After about 5 minutes it came on, and has worked perfectly since.
if it wasnt activated, you'd only get the preview channels (1 and 2)
Just so others know what to expect, from experiencing with XM Radio module installations:

1. If XM module is connected to RNS-E correctly, you will get about 2-4 stations. Two of them are free and you get to listen to a bunch of commercials. One just keeps on telling you to get your XM receiver registered on The other tells you the XM Radio ID.

2. When you call to get it registered, your car has to be outside, within visible settings of the satellites. For example, I changed my account's XM Radio ID while my car was inside an underground garage, and even though the registration was successful, the period under which the module is found, expired, and I was stuck, or so I thought. I could have simply parked the car outside, and gone to the website, and issue what they call a refresh. This I learnt while one the phone with technician from XM Radio, as they issued a refresh while I was on the phone.

3. If you have the wrong module for the RNS-E, you may simply get the last station that the other user had, or you had, as the incorrect module can't connect to RNS-E and antenna to get the correct station listings.
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