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I just retrofitted an RNS-E into my 2003 Allroad. This forum, NSX Jr and TeddyBgame have been great help in getting me here.

I now have a motorola HF 1000 bluetooth kit and a Tmobile SDA II working great through the phone (need to wire using the motorola external speakers not radio wires as its not too loud)

Now have the Ice Link Plus connected to the RNS-E with some help from TeddyBGame's wiring harness. The problem Im having is that the steering wheel buttons for up track and down track are not having their desired effect........

When I push up track - the menu level decreases on the Ipod (that is to say that if Im looking at a song - it goes up to the MUSIC menu). When I push the track forward button on the RNS-E faceplate it works.

Is there something that needs to be recoded using a VAG Com? - This is a weird one........ Help!

Music plays fine - I currently have an annoying electrical whine only with the Ipod that will be exorcised by moving wires around when I have some time.....
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