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IceLink and SAT enabled/prewired cars

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I have this on my want-to-do list for quite a while now and since this question comes up at least twice a week on AudiWorld I wanted to share the current status.

I have a 2004 A4 which came with XM and OnStar. I also got the IceLink RNS-E from Europe quite a while ago but didn't install it because the CD changer port on my Symphony was already occupied by the SAT audio wires. The IceLink RNS-E came with a Quadlock plug on the HU end of the harness which wasn't a big help either.

In addition to that the wire was to short to place the iPod where I wanted it, under the center arm rest.

Therefore I decided to make this a two step project with the goal to have a full plug and play solution without cutting any wire. The first part was to get the 3 audio wires from the SAT receiver in the back to a standard 20pin connector behind the head unit. The second part was to build a custom harness to connect the IceLink RNS-E to the new 20pin connector.

It took quite a while to get all the parts I needed for this project. I got from Europe the pins for the T8s connector and the 20pin connector behind the head unit. Since I wanted it fully plug and play I decided to build a more complex harness than absolutely required. I also got a shielded 3 conductor and unshielded 1 conductor wire from (btw very good source for such things) and a Knipex crimping tool.

The result is this custom harness:

For the second part of the project I got a AMP Mate-N connector and pins from for the IceLink RNS-E and build a custom extension cord to plug in the 20pin connector of my SAT2Icelink harness.

The bad part of the story is now that I won't be able to take my car apart for another couple of weeks to confirm that my harness actually works as planned. So stay tuned...
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