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Ice>Link RNS-E

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I got this Ice>Link RNS-E a while ago but had no hurry to get it installed (it's the gf iPod mini and I'm using my 2GB SD cards most of the time). Anyway, I got this iPod FactoryFit-Set for Audi (16:9) from and tried it today with my US RNS-E and the gf's iPod Mini.
The adapter came with a plug which goes into the RNS-E's Quadlock connector. I removed the green piece which contains the CDC wires and plugged in the Ice>Link RNS-E and it didn't work. :x Then I remembered the magic black wire and the instructions which said "connect to ground" or so. And surprise, after connecting it to ground the RNS-E (US version) detected a CD changer and the iPod immediately started to play music from the first folder. :lol:
Since I was just going to test if it works at all I didn't bother to hide the cables. I didn't proceed because I want to get my new SAT receiver first and I also need some pins to route the three audio wires from the SAT receiver in the trunk back to my head unit. As you remember, in cars with the OEM SAT receiver, the CDC audio in is occupied by the SAT receiver audio wires and I have to extend the Ice>Link audio wires back to the trunk.

I was also thinking about the best place for the iPod mini. Since I'm driving most of the time without the iPod (gf is using it while I have fun driving around), I didn't like the place next to the head unit or snapped to one of the vents. I found a little spot under the center arm rest which is perfectly sized for the iPod mini. I can't see the iPod's display but since it's not the primary audio source I don't care to much.
Any thoughts from the audience with experience with the Ice>Link and iPod? Is that spot OK or shall I rather go somewhere else (even though most of the time the iPod will not be in the car when I drive it)?

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Thanks very much for this valuable information.

My US A4 has both the Satellite (XM) receiver and the CD-changer in the Glove box.

If I use the IceLink, do I have to give up using one or the other of these OEM sources? Or both?

Do I get to choose?
Thanks for the clarification.

Also, can you clarify, since I have the OEM CD Changer, does that mean I have to route the IceLink cable back to the trunk? I'm still confused about that part.

AudiA4B6US said:
Without a separate switch, the CD changer won't work together with the IceLink. There can only be one device connected to the CD changer port. Ultrasport Sal on AudiWorld sold a swicth a while ago but I think he doesn't do so anymore.

The Magic Black Wire (Masse in German) was just the ground the IceLink needs to work. Without being connected the IceLink didn't work at all but as soon as I connected it the RNS-E detected a CD changer and the IceLink was working. I have to do the test again because I think the IceLink is made for the Euro RNS-E and the iPod menu looked different when connected to the US unit. But at least I was able to listen to the iPod mini.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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