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I thought I had read before that the "A" version XM radio...

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might be able to work with the RNS-E units after-all (somehow I remember reading about a dealership recoding it or something to make it work). I can't find the thread now though. Anyone know anything about this? I'd like to add XM to my car, but the RNS-E versions seem hard to come by. If the "A" version boxes would work too, that would make it much easier. Thanks in advance for the help.
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The A version doesn't work with the RNS-E but some 2005 Allroad and S4 came with the E (or D for Sirius) and there didn't need a SAT upgrade. All new 2005.5 A4 should also have the second generation SAT receiver even if they have only the Concert/Symphony head unit. If you plan to upgrade a 2005 or newer Audi, always check the SAT part number first before ordering a ew receiver.
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