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I really hate my Sirius Satellite antenna on my trunk!!!

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Well I say that but I would prefer it to be on the roof of my 2000 S4. The reason I didn't/can't put it up ther is because Audi makes the upper window trim so "tight" you can't wedge it in between the molding. So I was forced to put it on the trunk.

I really didn't want to put it in the hat tray, just to avoid any loss of signal. Because I live in Florida and I've heard that it would tend to loose signal from time to time if it wasn't placed as high as possible.

Anyways. has anyone came up with a better idea for a Satellite antenna? I wouldn't even mind the OEM Audi one if it wasn't a shark fin. I like the small squarish type like Acura/Honda use.

Ohh, and if you live in Florida and have Sirius. Could you tell me if you lose signal sometimes when not under an overpass or other apparent reasons.
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only time i had sat radio in florida was in a rental car (Ford Explorer from Hertz, came with Sirius)

Antena was located inside, attached to the rear view mirror and signal was dropping quite often, i thought it was a bad publicity for Sirius since it didnt showed a very reliable service to people who were experiencing that for the first time

BTW it was in the miami/fort lauderdale area
Well this some what confirms that Sirius Satellite in Florida doesn't seem to work correctly.

And yes you are correct about it not looking good for Sirius to be putting that into cars and the signal keeps dropping out.
What kind of antenna are you using? Have you at least tried putting it on your hat shelf, just to see? I have tried two different antennas with my XM radio, one older dual lead XM3 antenna, and one newer XM-micro with antenna splitter. I can tell you that hands down the older larger antenna works 10X better than the newer tiny antenna.

Also, I would think that in your part of FL that you'd have some good ground repeaters that can easily fill in any signal gaps you get from the satellites.
I can also confirm that Sirius doesn't work all that well in Florida unless you have the antenna on the outside of the car.
I've got a Sirius Micro single lead antenna with splitter to go to the OEM Tuner.

I haven't confirmed it by putting it on the hat tray but since it does drop out, especially in the EXACT same areas. I'm beginning to think that the Sirius doesn't work well in Florida.

NSX JR, I went with you recommendation and tried to find an older 2 lead antenna but they were no where to be found.
Stoodo said:
I can also confirm that Sirius doesn't work all that well in Florida unless you have the antenna on the outside of the car.
Wonder if XM is any better with the signal?
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