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burn it into the Phatnoise. Excellent sound quality and enough power on the eq settings to blow out the stock Bose speakers. I'm really glad I put the ME3 in the back. That thing runs pretty damn hot. The ME3 in my Denali center console gets so hot it turns itself off after 2 hours. We have to keep the lid open for road trips.

PS - has anyone here used the equivilent of the D1417 that is made for the Denali NAV screen?

'02 6SP M
Euro RNS-e (Proxus), Phatnoise (DLR-BBC), XM (DLR), ME3(ebay), Amplified TV antenna (ebay), Dietz 1417 (Steve Z1), Dietz 1380 (Euro Parts), Upgrade to '05 Allroad Submarine antenna (DLR-BBC), TeddyB's custom harness, BBC's install to fully integrate EVERYTHING (seamlessly) like the factory wish they would have.
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