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I need a RNS-E Unit for my 2001 S4

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Im new to the site but not new to audi, i needed to know more about retrofitting a RNS-E unit into my audi s4. Which one fits best and how to do an easy install on it. And ofcource i need to purchase one. Any input? and if your a seller how much with the software and adaptors?? will it work with ice link?? where can i get tv tuner and sat radio from?? just need to be guided into this, i was gona do a Kenwood DDX8017 with the navi but its not cost effective and doesnt look as good...please let me know asap as i will buy immediate if everything is correct...
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2001 S4 means is a B5? (2.7 V6 bi-turbo)

Try clicking on the Part Numbers link ...

Looking there you'll find you need either a 4B0 035 192 P (EU) or a 4B0 035 192 R (US). You'll need to do some face plate mods, and maybe add some wires to get the CAN bus to the RNS-E.
hi, welcome to the site..

please take a little time to look through the QUICK LINKS thread and search the rest of the forum.. all of your questions have been gone over in detail..

alot of time has been put into organizing it so it is easy for new users..

feel free to post additional questions in the appropriate threads..

thanks for the info now i need a RNS-E so please let me know which one i need to go with i can install myself as i work in car audio shop but i have no clue on OEM navi....someone told me to go with the a6 navi, i dont know what the hell to
yes you need an A6 RNS-E for a B5 A4..

did you see these links??

4B0 035 192 P Audi A6 Europe, C5 and Allroad (A4 B5 with faceplate mod)
4B0 035 192 R Audi A6 North America, C5 and Allroad (A4 B5 with faceplate mod)


A6 RNS-E install B5 A4..

B5 adapter..

shoe polish trick..

side gaps..

FOR SALE section..
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