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I may have asked this before, I'm getting a fault code in...

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my Adaption channel 37-Navigation or 56-Radio? It says it coded wrong.

01044 Control Module Incorrectly Coded

I have my coding set at:


But I've tried to change it for my setup but I won't stay changed? Everything works on my car and setup. I have as follows:

2000 B5 S4
EU RNS-E flashed with the US software
OEM Satellite Radio
Audi Phatbox
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I think the correct coding for you is 509133

5 = A6 - to get the separate speed signal working
0 = front speaker diagnostics active
9 = Bose
1 = no phone
3 = Sat radio
3 = CD changer (Phatbox)
The thing is that I've tried changing the coding with the VAG, but it won't stay changed?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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