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I know beaten topic

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Sorry for the repeat of this topic. Ive search and found some information along with the install, although most of the pictures were red x's. My question is what is needed to be able to play a DVD stop and in motion with an RNS-E euro model. I have a B5 S4 and have the A6 RNS-E unit (4B0). Not very experienced with all the technical terminology involved with the unit but with direction I can do it. Just looking for what is needed and what to do. Once again sorry for the repeat.
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You need to put a switch on the GALA (speed) wire.

Have the switch open when you want to watch a DVD.
ok thanks

which adaptor do i need? the Dietz 1417? or another? and this adaptor just plugs into the RNS-E or does there need to be any modifications?

thanks for the respond
yes you need a Dietz 1417 to hook up an external video source (DVD player).. the A/V just plugs into the RNS-E, but you will need to splice into the CAN-BUS and connect to power and ground..

they have combined the 2 boxes of the 1417 into one, but all the connections are the same as shown here

since you have 4B0, you will not need the Dietz 1280 for video-in-motion, you just need a switch on the speed signal (as described above)..
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