How to pick out the right fender flares for Audi
A fender flare is much more than just an extension of your automotive fender, providing additional coverage for oversized wheels and tires. It also protects your pride and joy from dirt and debris while adding a touch of custom style to your exterior. That’s why when shopping for a set of fender flares for your Audi both function and look should be taken into account to ensure complete satisfaction with your purchase. No less important is the material your fender flares are made of. Thus, fender flares made of fiberglass and carbon fiber provide moderate durability while steel ones offer maximum strength to withstand the extremes of off-road driving but are a bit heavier which may affect your fuel economy. Which option is better for you is a matter of your needs and preferences just make sure the fender flares you’re about to purchase are:
  • manufactured from the right material to meet your driving conditions;
  • easy to install unless it is a special off-road or custom project;
  • made by a reputed manufacturer to guarantee high quality and reliability.
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