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How to mount the navigation RNS-E in audi a4 from 2005 ????

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hello, :)

I am looking for the converter to connecting in Audi a4 from year 2005 of the navigation RNS-E. Whether something like that exist?? :?: Where I can buy?? :?:

Whether somebody can tell me a few words on the subject of how to mount such a navigation and encrypt. Perhaps you have some photographs which will help us mount the navigation?
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Try using the search feature - all your questions should be answered. If you have questions AFTER searching then I'm sure we will try to help, but please search first.

You can buy the adapter leads from many companies in Europe - such as Kufatec and Ralf Deventer.

If you have a single DIN radio people have posted here how they converted the centre console to take a double DIN unit such as the RNS-E.

There are MANY relevant pictures in the album on this forum too.
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