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How to mount the Bluetooth module????

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I am asking you for the help very much. :?:

I have Audi a4 from 2004. I have the mounted navigation RNS-E 8E0 035 192C number. I know that he exists możliwośc connecting to her by phones through the Bluetooth module. Whether somebody knows how to do it and where I can buy this module. Perhaps you know what number is supposed to have this module.
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This should get you started:

Please note that the part number in Europe should end in "C" and you will need the Euro 0360 software to get all the features.
On a RHD A4 you can mount the module behind the glovebox by sliding it behind the vertical wiring harness - don't know if that's possible on a LHD car though?

Craigyb is the best person to help you regarding the Bluetooth module.
Anyone can insert one photo of the original audi installation under the driver or passenger seat? I bought the plastic box where I should put the bluetooth module but I don't understand how I can fix it under the seat.

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