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How to make a backup nav DVD disk

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I have struggled with making a backup of a DVD nav disk and found a key requirement.
Your burner must be able to set the DVD bookmark to DVDROM. LG 4167B can do this using Nero

All you need to do then is make an iso image of the original and then burn using Nero with the booktype set to DVDROM to a DVD+R disk.

The disk will then read in your RNS-E assuming your VAGCOM settings are right and your firmware version matches the versions in the datafiles. You can make this match by hex editing the .ISO file using a hex editor and searching/ modifying for the appropriate strings.

the key is setting the booktype to DVDROM (thanks to some advice from forum members). IF not set, the disk will only be seen as a software update.

Good luck.


PS - if this is not new sorry - but I never found a reference to this anywhere on the forum!
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thank you for posting this.. i do not believe it is posted anywhere.. i too have found it necessary to have the booktype set to DVDROM (again with the help of other forum members)..

unfortunately i have not been able to change mine yet..

i have DVDinfo, DVDdecypter, and Nero 6.6 ultimate.. all software packages can tell me that the BOOKTYPE of my Sony DW-D56A slim 8x DVD+/-RW with PDS7 - stock (2005/07/01) (Dell OEM) firmware in my DELL inspiron 9300 is set to DVD+/-R DL, but i havent been able to change it for some reason.. i havent had much time to mess with it, perhaps different firmware would help..

what software do you use to change the booktype and when do you do it??.. after you insert the blank DL DVD, but before you burn it??..

thanks ..
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Dear Fritzner,
I am not sure Sony supports setting booktype. I know you can't do it on a DVD+RW disk on any burner for some reason, only DVD+R disks.

I set it on my LG thru Nero
Nero sets it when the burning is done - you see it in the dialog window when it starts burning.
To tell Nero to set it to DVDROM, you select RECORDER from the toolbar and then select CHOOSE RECORDER from the pull down menu.
When the window comes up and you select your drive, at the bottom left hand corner of the dialog window you will see OPTIONS>>. select this and it expands the window.
If your drive can set the booktype, you will see a selection box on the lower left, where you can choose DVDROM as the booktype. Select it and choose OK to close the dialog window. If it is not there your drive does not support setting booktype.
Then all you need to do is burn your ISO image (or files in fact) to the DVD. During the burn Nero sets the booktype.
You can subsequently use DVDINFOPRO to check the media and see that the booktype has been set correctly. (DVDDECRPTER can also do it, but I had problems with it)
Hope this helps.
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awesome, thanks a lot!!.. i will try it out over the wknd..
I can confirm that this works fine.

Just make sure that you use a DVD +R disk, not a -R.
Hmm, it seems like I don't have that option in Nero 7.0.

I tried changing the codetype on my Lite-on DVDRW SOHW-1673s using a program called 4KUS Bit Setting Utility v1.3.5, but with no luck.

Any ideas ?
I did a search on your drive and it doesn't seem it supports bit setting to set the booktype to DVDROM. If it doesn't show up under OPTIONS>> in Nero, then I'd say that confirms what I have read.
Unless someone knows more, I'd say you need to get another burner. The BENQ 1640 and 1625 also support bitsetting as well as some LG models.
There maybe a liteon drive but I don't know from personal experience.

i have also heard that can not change the book type on Lite-ON drives.. unfortunately, my sony drive is really a Lite-ON..

there is a possibility that you may be able to fine "unofficial" firmware that changes the booktype to DVDROM..
Bitsetting for LiteOn drives? Head over to the CDFreaks LiteOn forum and download the Booktype utility, found in the Comprehensive LiteOn Tools collection:

This allows a DVD+R to burn with the DVD-ROM book type. As of mid-April 2004, they say, all of the LiteOn half-height drives and firmwares support bitsetting.

To everything, burn, burn, burn
There is a CD, burn, burn, burn
that is too funny.. i just found that site today, literally..

thanks alot.. cant wait to try it out..
well the LITE-ON booktype utility did the trick.. after setting my drive to DVD-ROM i was able to make a working back-up..

thanks again!!
FYI On my Lite-on drive (1673S), the booktype is automatically set to DVD-ROM when writing a DVD+R DL disc with DVD Encrypter. I was fighting with the settings beforehand and it never let me set the booktype manually... but after the disc is written, I checked the booktype and it was automatically set to DVD-ROM.
I looked up the 1673s info and it does not appear to support bitsetting. Nero does not show setting the booktype to DVD-ROM in its options from what I have seen.
If that is right, then you will need to upgrade your burner to one that can.
See previous posts.

Well, from my experience with the 1673S, it sets the booktype to DVD-ROM automatically after writing a DVD+R DL disc. It does not allow manual booktype settings for the Dual Layer discs.

It does allow booktype settings for RW discs using the LIte-On booktype utility.

I verified that my backup DVD copy does indeed work so I suppose all is good.
hi guys,

i got the Pioneer 105 dvd writer. Do you know if this burner is able to create an copy of my navigation dvd? If not which writer should i buy? An LG one?
most burners will work.. one of the most important things is the ability to the bitsetting to be DVD-ROM..

NEC are supposed to be pretty good..
my pioneer 106 drive doesnt do the job... i think i will get me the new LG DVD burner. Its not that expensive about 35€ on ebay :)
hey guys,

i got an LG 4167 burner now from an friend but when i try to change booktype to DVD-ROM in Nero (Recorder\Choose recorder\options) i dont see the booktype option... when i try the same with an LG 4163 burner it works great... even though the 4167 is the latest model... do you have any suggestions? I have attached the screenshot using the 4167 device...

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did you have a CD or DVD in the drive when you opened this screen? If so, take out the disk and try again...
When using my Lite-on drive, it sets the booktype to DVD-ROM automatically when writing to a DVD+R DL disc. This may also be the case for your new LG drive... check it and see (after the disc is written).
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