How to choose exterior parts for your Audi
Audi has been an icon of style for many decades, setting new trends in automotive design for others to follow. Its lighting and exterior solutions demonstrate the power of stunning aesthetic innovation combined with pure functionality that offers deep emotional impressions no matter what model you drive. Designed and manufactured with a strong commitment to excellence in every detail, all Audi models call for the same level of perfection for all exterior parts and accessories including both replacement and aftermarket ones.

Key factors to keep in mind when purchasing exterior parts for your Audi
Whether you’re looking for replacement parts to restore the functionality of your vehicle or aftermarket accessories to customize your pride and joy, all Audi exterior parts must meet the following criteria:
1. Be compliant with industry standards
2. If it is a replacement part made by a non-OE-equipment manufacturer, it must deliver the same level of functionality and performance as the original one
3. If it is an aftermarket accessory, it must not worsen the vehicle’s performance, affect its safety features, or land you on the wrong side of the law
4. They are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty
They seem to be obvious, however, some of them are often neglected especially when it comes to aftermarket parts and accessories. For example, when purchasing a new rear bumper or bumper valance, it is always a good idea to check if it doesn’t interfere with your rearview camera or parking sensors. As for replacement parts made by other manufacturers, make sure they will serve you as long as your original ones or at least be aware of their real service life to avoid problems and unexpected expenses in the nearest future.

Top five exterior upgrades
With a huge variety of aftermarket parts and accessories, today’s market provides plenty of possibilities for exterior modifications and custom projects. However, among them, some stand out from the crowd as the most popular and common exterior upgrades. Number one in our top-five list is different body kits and their components, such as bumpers, spoilers, bumper lips, and all other parts that add to the aesthetic of a vehicle. The silver medal is won by custom wheels that not only dramatically enhance the look of a vehicle, but also improve its performance and acceleration. Right after the wheels, you will find front and rear lights and auxiliary lighting, while grilles and bumper inserts close our rating. Thinking of your next custom project? If so, make sure to visit, where you’ll find all necessary parts and accessories at competitive prices.