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How does Icelink display playlists on NAV+?

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I understand that you cannot see song and playlist names on NAV+. My question then is how do you access playlists through NAV+. For example, if I have 10 playlists on the iPod, how do I access them through NAV+? Will the playlists be listed as 1-10 in the CD list, etc.?

I was told that you do not need to use the iPod to switch playlists and tracks, but I still don't understand how you can then switch playlists and tracks through NAV+.

(Note, I have a B7 RNS-E NAV+)

A big thank you to anyone who can help clarify this...
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This is one picture I took when i test fit my IceLink. You can see that there is more after CD6 (down arrow) but I can't remember what exactly it showed. The songs are all displayed as Track 01, 02, 03 and so on.
Thanks for your reply!

Do you think there were more CD's listed (7, 8, 9, etc.) for each playlist/folder on the iPod? I think the down arrow could also be caused by Disc 7, which could be the navigation CD, so I want to make sure that anything below Disc 6 would be more playlists/folders on the iPod. Otherwise, I'd be limited to 6 playlists.
On the Nav+ screen, selecting CD1 through CD5 will select the first 5 playlists on your iPod. Selecting CD6 will bring you into the iceLink menu that shows up on your iPod. When you're in the iceLink menu is when you can go into its playlist browser to access the rest of your playlists.

Personally, I have a hard time using the iceLink menu because the text is really small, so it would be almost impossible for me to use the menu while driving. But the iceLink does its job as far as the best audio from your iPod that you can get in your car (compared to a tape adapter or fm transmitter).
Forgot to mention that CD7 is the navigation disk, and it ends there.
And I see these were already answered in another link, :oops:
I just put an icelink in yesterday. So far the sound quality is superb, much better then the ipod setup i had in my last car (audi TT and custom aux in unit), but at least for me the icelink display is useless and hard to control from my rns-e, especially since after flashing the unit with US software, I can no longer fast forward on songs unless I go to the CD control screen, FF is how ice link navigates menus. The alternative is to have icelink not use its own menu structure but use the iPod's default screen ( previous and next buttons on the rns-e/steering wheel still work).

It also has a few gliches, it occasionally will not stop the iPod when i power the car off, then when I power it on, it pauses the iPod (because it assumes its off/paused at this point)
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