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I have purchased a bluetooth module 8P0 862 335 F

I have a plug and play bluetooth harness (euro parts)

To install with my RNS-E 8E0 035 192 D

Car Audi A4 TDI 130 2003

Where does the red pos + connect to.
Where does the six other wires connect to.

Does anybody know where to find a schematic for this. ](*,)

Thank you

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That's not plug and play. You can search these forums and find information on the pinouts of the bluetooth module and of the RNS-E. From those two pieces of information, you can determine which wire should go where.

THIS is plug and play...


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... well, I think I would start by contacting your supplier and ask them: What are they doing sending a heap of wires out to you with no instructions? Alterantively, buy a lead from say, NSX-JR!

My son won't let me fiddle with his A4 (wisely!), so my bluetooth experience is limited to a C5 A6, and I suspect your set up is rather different. I'm sure we'll get some more responses, and I urge you to wait for those, but in the meantime, this may give some idea of what the wires do - although I'm not sure either of us have got the numbers right ....

1) 'Always On' +12 volt power - I fiited an Audi fuse holder and fuse and fed it from '30' on the bus bars behind the driver storage trim in the C5/A6

2) Ground - this connects to any convenient earth stud. Audi use brown wires to carry ground returns, butr this may or may not be the case with your harness.

3) CAN High and
4) CAN Low
These are the 'Controller Area Network' connections and I believe all control information between you vehicle and the BT box goes over these. You can identify the CANB pair as they will be twisted together. The diificulty is to know which is CAN High and which CAN low

5) BT Module Audio Line out +ve
6) BT Module Audi Line out -ve

I think I've seen a post about the mute signal being carried on the CAN Bus on the A4, but I may be wrong - terrible memory in my old age. The other wire I have on the C5/A6 is the diagnostics lead, but I believe all your diagnostics are carried out over the CAN bus.

However, you should have two more wires with a microphone on the end.

Right, now you can work out what goes where by tracing the wiring from the big connectror that plugs int the BT box. You just need to slide the coloured end tab out of the way and you should findthat you can simply pull out the internal housing. Make a careful note of where pin 1 is.

Pin 1 is 'always on' - please fuse it - Audi used a 5 amp fuse on the C5/A6
Pin 2 is the ground connection
Pin 8 is Audio output +ve to RNS-E Connector 'C' pin 12
Pin 9 is Audio output -ve to RNS-E Connector 'C' pin 6
Pin 11 is Microphone input -ve
Pin 12 is microhone input +ve
Pin 15 is the diagnostics 'K' wire (if needed)
Pin 16 is the Mute lead to RNS-E Connector 'D' pin 11(if needed)
Pin 17 is CAN High available on RNS-E Connector 'D' pin 9
Pin 18 is CAN Low available on RNS-E Connector 'D' pin 10

As you can see I'm not that sure about all this in relation to your platform, but I hope I have shown you that it is possible to untangle it. However, I will emphasise that it is the absolute reponsibility of your supplier tp provide kit that is 'fit for purpose' - no instructions, it ain't fit!

There are several very good posts on this forum about how to do this install so you should be able to complete it if you feel confident to make wire tap connections. If you don't, and that's perfectly ok, then as NSX-JR says, you need a true plug and play harness, not what you have been lumbered with.

Now, if some kindly soul will come on and explain what I have got wrong, we will both learn a bit.

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