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How do I tell if I have Bose/ non-bose?

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just bought a 2001/2002 A4 B6 with Symphony II, but don't know if it is Bose or non Bose.
How do I tell (without Vag or pulling the radio out as I have no keys) so I can get the right stuff for an RNS-E upgrade?
Can I tell from the coding on the vehicle data page for optional extras?
If so, how do I decipher these codes?

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It should say "Bose" on the speaker grilles. It may not be good enough for you but I would assume that if it has it on the grilles, then your car should have bose.

Also, it may say "Bose" when you power on your head unit. Althoughthe Bose equalization can be turned off via the Vagcom and not say anything. Which is the way I liked in on my Symphony I.
Thanks - no "bose" on speakers and no "bose" on power up - looks like it is non-bose system.
Sounds like it, but that's actually a good thing (to few people). I preferably don't care for the way the Bose makes the sound very "muddy" sounding.

**(Second Opinion) Just to make sure about having Bose in your car. I would at least call the dealer and give them your VIN to see if they can tell if you have Bose intalled.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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