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How do I find out which SAT reciever I have??

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Hey guys,

I have an 05 allroad with Bose/XM...

I am buying an RSN-E unit from a trusted seller and a CD changer for the glove box( from Audi)

is there a way I can look to see if my XM SAT reciever is going to play nice with all these other gadgets???

Where is the part # and can I see it w/out ripping the car apart????
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The dealer may be able to see it with his VAG, VAG-COM won't. Don't know where the receiver is installed in an Allroad but it should be on the left side of your trunk. My A4 Avant had a little label with the part number and the XM serial number but getting to the actual receiver is pretty bad, at least in an A4 B6 Avant.
I would suspect that since you have Bose / Symphony II your XM radio will be not compatible with RNS-E.

It's not really based on date of the production but funcionality.
I switched mine XM with new RNS-E compatible and works fine.
I just spent some time looking in the back of the trunk

and if it is there it is hidden VERY well.

On the right side I have a black plastic cover with BOSE printed on it which is attached to a silver amplifier or amplifier cooling unit. Big aluminum fins!

On the left die I have my jack/ tire changing tool kit which slides out of a black plastic harness above what looks to be an empty bay for the CD changer( I have in dash 6 cd)

there are some cords/wires going to something that is screwed on to the back of this plastic case but seeing what is behind there is next to impossible.

any ideas?

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This is the OEM SAT receiver (thanks to NSX_JR for posting this on AW)

The same article also shows the left side in his trunk (A6 sedan) with the CDC bay and the SAT receiver retrofit (without OEM bracket). In my A4 B6 Avant, the SAT receiver was in the same spot, mounted upside down (brown/green Fakra are located on the right side in the back of the SAT unit when looking at the unit from inside the trunk area).

The big black plastic housing is fixed with 3 bolds (13/10mm) and comes off after removing the trim (again A4 B6 Avant, might be different in the A6 Avant/Allroad). There was no way to get to the SAT receiver without removing the plastic housing. In my case I could remove the cover for the CDC/navi unit and feel the wires of the SAT receiver which is mounted above the empty CDC spot. These might be the wires you are feeling.
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Thank you so much for the help>>

I will see if I can find that &*(*&^% reciever and post back my results or post back with more questions!!!

thanks again.

this forum rocks!

2 weeks ago i buy a new allroad and today I bought an RSN-E...Yipee!!!
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