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How can I tell if my unit is flashed to US version?

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I want to be sure that I'm getting the most out of my rns-e. I bought an 06 copy a few months ago and it never showed that it was updating. It just ran like the 04 disc did. I want to know whether or not my unit is flashed to US. How can I tell?
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If you have a US RNS-E it should show version 0110 under CAR/Version, besides the clock showing on the display. If you have a Euro unit flashed with the US software, you should see at least the clock even though your version still shows X---.
I have a euro unit that has been flashed. I was also curious as to whether or not there is any audio controls that aren't in the manual. I know that on the symphony II you could hold in the menu button for 5 seconds and there was a setting that made the sound better. Is there anything like this for the RNS-E?
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