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How can I install a double din unit in a single din 99.5 A4?

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It looks like there wouldnt be enough room. Has anyone done this modification? I have the Concert tape player. Photos of this mod would be greatly appreciated!


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This is for the A4 B6 but it should give you an idea on what's required to do so:
Single DIN to double DIN A4 B6
Me again

I noticed it said something about sanding the climate control? What is it on the climate control you have to sand? I wish I could find some B5 photos too, but thank you very much for the link.


for some reason the doubledin cage for the B5 is 3 times more expensive than the B6,£152.59 from vagparts,dont be put of by thepictures powertony posted it does look a little scary but i managed and i aint no einstein :wink:

the doubledin cage is on this link;

in product overvview click sat nav,cd changers etc
when you fit the doubledin cage the climate control moves further down the console & as the console tapers in the climate control needs to be trimmed at both sides to allow it to fit back in(about 5mm each side on B6)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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