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Help!! Trying to patch US dvd 95% there, BUT...

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OK i'm using ultraedit 32 v11.00 I edited all the files I need to EXCEPT for the alldata.kwi file. I open it but for some reason I can not edit it. All of the other files were simple, change the line and save them. :oops: I even tried a few other hex editors and the same thing, work fine on other files, but not on the alldata one...

Help me please!!! :(
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You will need plenty of space for the BAK file. UE creates a backup first and with a 2.8GB file you will need at least 2.8GB free on the drive you opened alldata.kwi from. Can you confirm that you have sufficient free space?
a4b6 you are the man. I thought that I would have plenty of free space (it was on my desktop with 60g free), but I moved it just for kicks and it worked like a charm. I even disabled ultra from creating a .bak file so I thought that the changes would've been live, I guess not :oops:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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