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Help plz - After reset of RNS-e 1417 works for short time

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After reset of RNS-e 1417 works for short time either until first time car is started or headlights are turned on (i get code prompt which seems normal) then after i shut things down when i turn unit back on after about 5-10 seconds i get "tv not installed" but with working sound. After this happens if I connect VAG to radio/navigation while unit is on and says "tv not installed" the message will go away and I can see picture and things work normally. Also i can start car or put key to "on" postion and TV picture come through right away.

Question is does this seem like CAN issue with car (no codes yet and i have driven about 50 miles since resetting things yesterday)?


Does it sound like the Dietz 1417 is acting up and droping can signal?

to me it seems CAN related but not sure if with car or Dietz (going to order new dietz i guess cheaper than a car - lol - then i can have a control and my friend will buy Dietz so no loss)

btw older post below with more details of problem
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