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Help on RNS-E (New User)

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:evil: Hi to All Users.I Have a problem.I purchased an rns-e system for my 2004 A6. I need help.
My A6 has currently a Symphony 2 head unit & a nav system in the boot which comes up between the clocks with controls near the handbrake.
I have just fitted the rns-e but have some issues
1. The rear speakers seem to be pre-out from the unit.The fader does not work so i cant turn off the rears.Balance is OK
2.The nav works fine but does not always show up in the clocks.(The boot mounted unit is still connected as i wasnt sure if it still needed to be(no cd in it tho).Radio & temp show up fine in the clocks
3.when no ignition key in i can hear sometimes a faint powering up or down of the rear speakers as if somthing is trying to power the rear amp wherever it may be.
Everything else is fine apart from the phone as the lead sent only had 3 connectors so i have ordered a new lead from Kufatec with 4.Love the nav works a lot quicker than the cd version.
As a special note i have also made an anti theft cover for the little shits that patrol our area.I bought a second hand symphony & used the front off that.I will post a pic when finished..
Please can anyone help. regards..........
PS Sorry forgot to mention TMC has a line through it. I thought TMC was inside the unit,It worked on my other nav so i guess i may have a box somewhere...
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1. The RNS-E does NOT have an internal amplifer for the rear speakers - it provides line out signals only.

2. The BNS (in the boot) and the RNS-E both have the same address (56) the DIS is "confused" about where to get the navigation information from to display. You need to remove the BNS.

3. This is normal behaviour for the RNS-E - it's partially powers up when you open the doors and stays partially powered up for several minutes after you have locked the doors.
Hi there

Yes I know it is line out as was the symphony 2, but the fader worked on that but does not on the RNS-E

Hi again all
I have now disconnected the boot navi & it all functions between the clocks but i now cant get rid of the nav between them. It shows compass direction all the time & street even when navi is not selected so i lose my temp which shoves itself up to the top & the miles left to fill up

Any clues ?

Go to Navi - Setup and uncheck the Compass feature...
:D yipppeeeeeeeeee.Done that & its gone..Very happy now.
I have pre soldered a gala wire behind the dash.Will i need it & which connector does it go into ?. Is it the one with the power ??
Is there anything else i need to know or do ..
Kufatec lead came this afternoon so phone works.I am bit disappointed that it only mutes the audio & dosent come up phone like the symphony..... :?
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