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Help - New 2005 Navteq Discs Not Loading in my Nav+ Unit

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I have Nav+ unit and have been using a set of 2002 disks. I finally bought a new set from Navteq and they won't load in my Nav+. I have a D-Navi unit, got the 2005 D-Navi disks (part number W531257001D). When I put in the disk it says that the navigation system is loading, but then it spits the disk right back out. I'm using the Nov 2001 firmware. Then when I load the old 2002 disk the unit goes through the whole load of the software.

Any ideas about what's going on? Has anyone had compatibilty problems with 2005 disks?

Please help.

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Have you modified those disks yet. I have the 2005 set (with modified files) in my car (thanks to infinitycube). If you want, I can mail you one of my modified disks. You can use this modified disc to load the appropriate modified files....and then insert your 2005 set. Should work, I've done it with the 2005 set.

Send me an email.

[email protected]
Do the 2005 sets have more info in the Special destinations area?
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