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I need your help.
I have installed this parts in my 2004 S4:

4 spoke multifunction steering wheel p/n 8E0 419 091 BH 1KT (new)
SMLS p/n 8E0 953 549 R (new)
S/C Ring 8E0 953 541 E (new)
airbag unit p/n 8E0 880 201 AC 6PS (used)
telephone module 8P0 862 335 C (used)

I have coded:
rns-e sw 500 0309717
steering control module 04042
telephone module 10844

I can not clear this dtc, after clear it reappears immediately:

01426 - Controls in steering wheel (E221)
49-00 - No Communications

I have seen on ETKA that my airbag p/n is for A6 allroad 2000-2005.

Is possible that electronic module in airbag unit (A6) is non compatible with controls in steering wheel E221 (A4)?

What can I do?

Many thanks in advance
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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