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Help... I'm driving in the Hudson River.

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Hi, I'm new here and have checked the quick links but couldn't find any answers to my problem. So I'm hoping someone might have some similar experience.

I just had a Navigation PLUS installed in a US 2006 A3. It was a new system US version ( 8P0 035 192 C ), with GPS antenna installed in the dash.

The Navigation seems to work. My speed and turning are correctly updated on the map as I drive, but the blue arrow showing my position is shifted about 7 blocks to the west.

So as I drive down the West Side HWY in NYC is shows me driving in the Hudson River! Also the dash says I'm on roads that I'm not on cause of the positon shift.

I took it to Audi Service and they told me that. my GPS antenna was bad since it Nav says im connected to 0 satelites. I'm wondering if this is true cause it was a new antenna and my postion seems to be updating.

Is what Audi service telling me correct or is there a way to manually adust the offset of my postion.

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How long did you drive under open sky? It may take a couple of minutes if the unit has no idea where you are. Also, a broken GPS antenna should cause an error code when you check the RNS-D with VAG-COM.
Blue arrow shows wrong arrow

I drove around for about an hour in open sky. Parked in garage than drove for another hour. As soon as i left the garage the Nav picked up where i was but still showed the offset blue arrow.
You may need some more "open sky" time I think. My brother took delivery of his brand new Dodge Mega Cab Ram pickup which he has navigation and the instruction manual said it has to be under the clear open sky for "several hours" to get fully operational. I did notice that it took almost the whole trip back to Chicago (7 hour drive) for all the functions to work properly, ie. gas stations and other POI. Some units in congested cities may need more than other cities.

I think that it is your antenna which is at fault - I forgot to plug mine in when I installed my initial RNS-D system before I got the RNS-E (though I think the problem would be similar) and the map showed I was driving in the correct direction but in the totally wrong part of the map; like you I was driving down the centre of the River Thames. :?

If this happened all of a sudden I would consider a new antenna, though if not I would maybe look at where they installed the antenna. :D
Have they installed the antenna the correct way round? - i.e. with the sensitive side pointing upwards (not down or to the side).
Have they installed the antenna the correct way round? - i.e. with the sensitive side pointing upwards (not down or to the side).
The problem occured in two different places where I put the antenna. When the antenna was first installed it was installed it in the center on the dash. I did move it around a little and this is when I noticed the problem, so after I took it back I had them put it behind the steering wheel. ( I used one of the pictures from the quicklinks installs for the position and placement of the antenna.) And it made no difference.

However I have found a temporary solution to my problem in the meantime for any one who is experiencing the same issue or has a GPS that shows a position that is a little off:

1. If you go to Nav and enter the setting menu where you can adjust your map display, I found out you can scroll to another menu screen below. (Sorry yesterday was the first day I ever uses a gps and didn't realize you can scroll down on some menus)

2. There is a option you can click that says "Set Position and Orientation"

3. Clicking on this allows you to scroll around the map and set the exactly where you are and rotate the direction of the arrow to point in the correct direction you are heading.

One note: If ever need to hard restart your unit (holding the power for 15 sec) you have to repostion your current postion again. This is not a problem if you are at a intersection. But if you are on a curved street or 2/3 of the way between blocks the GPS will be a little off.
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