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Hi there, i live in France and bought a Q5 a few years ago. I need to change my front suspension arms and am looking for the relevant package.

i've got that car ID Number : WA1LFAFP5DA037903

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Usually that number helps the garage spotting the exact corresponding piece.
But as the car is not from Audi France the garage can't find the reference, that ID does not exist in their database.

The garage told me the upper arms are usually the same so he's quite confident about these.
But for the lower arm, he has a doubt and prefer to get a good reference.

So i write this message as a bottle in the sea : will i find a guy accross the atlantic that would try to seek for that ID ref and hopefully get the reference of that piece ??

Thanks in advance ! :)

other info about the car:
- Audi Q5 TFSI
- 1st release: 14/01/2013


1 - 2 of 2 Posts