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i am trying to figure out if real US units have "along current route" option under "special destinations"..

i used to have an EU unit and remember using it before.. but now i have a real US unit ("E" SW 0110), but do not have "along current route"..

others with EU units (running both EU and US software) confirm having it, but i have not heard from anyone else with a real US unit..

on the main "NAV" screen (where you enter an address) go to "SPECIAL DESTINATION"

*telephone number
*in immediate vicinity
*in vicinity of destination
*along current route

some of these options may be 'grayed' out depending on whether you have a route guidance active or not.. also if you have all 5 options, i believe you have to scroll down to see 'nationwide'..

thanks for your help..

here is the original thread.. you can post there if you prefer..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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