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HELP! Car went into SAFE mode after installing...

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Everything was going as planned. I sucessfully installed the RNS-E unit into my A4 B7 and everything was working ok. I then removed the instrument cluster, fitted the GPS antenna behind it and put everything back together.
Suddenly nothing works. The car won't start (it shuts down automatically), which of course is the biggest problem. The word SAFE is in the instrument display. I get warnings for everything from low oil to no coolant and the interior lights are acting all weird. The RNS-E still works, but not much else.
Can i do anything or do i need to tow it to the dealer?

Note: I don't have access to VAG-COM.
Note: I did the whole operation without disconnecting the battery.
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I would take the instrument panel off again and make sure you've connected everything in securely and correctly since this is the last step you did that made the car not work. I would guess maybe one of the connectors is loose or not connected to the instrument panel.
I also read somewhere, that you should be careful NOT to insert the ignition key while the cluster is disconnected. I do not know why, but I am suspecting is related to SAFE mode.
There's been a similar thread to this - on the Yahoo! AudiNav group I think - in that case the immobiliser had become mismatched from the key so the ignition keys needed re-matching to the car using VAG-COM.

Your problem sounds pretty similar - did you, as bjarne has asked, insert the ignition key while the cluster was not fully plugged in?

IMHO it sounds like since you don't have VAG-COM, you'll need someone with VAG-COM to come to you or else you'll have to get the car to a dealer.
Problem solved...

Problem solved...

Apparently there was a bad connection somewhere when i reinstalled the cluster. I removed it completely and installed it again and everything works perfect.

Thanks for your help. And by the way - I LOVE the RNS-E! It's amazing.
great news you got it working..

just to complete some thought started on this thread..
-- i have removed the instrument cluster in my VW and my Audi without disconnecting the battery.. though it may not be the smartest thing, it resulted in no ill effect..

-- i had posted not to cycle the key with the instrument cluster disconnected.. on my VW i did and it triggered an airbag light for some reason, which was cleared by the VAG-COM.. though there were issues between VAG-COM and some airbag controllers in the past - therefore i said "dont do it".. i do not know what would happen on the audi, but the instrument cluster does contain some of the cars computing power (on VWs and Audis) and if it is not present it can trigger errors..

well again, great to hear it was nothing major..
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