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Having trouble selecting radio Stations

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OK........So I got my RNS-E Installed today and everything works great EXCEPT...When I look for available radio Stations to listen to, I see some stations in an Orange color and I can select them with no problem. However the station I want to select is a grey color and the RNS-E does not play that Station. I can go to tuning and search for the station number and it plays fine.....I don't want to have to do that everytime......My OLD symphony II played this station with no problem.....What can I do????
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The RNS-E will show stations it found in the past but aren't available right now in grey. if you are in Europe, turning TP on so that only traffic programme stations are found may have the same effect. In the US I have seen this when driving longer distances and after a station wasn't available anymore. It would help if you would mention where you are but checking the diversity antenna and fault codes would be my first guess.
Im in Germany and I have the Euro Unit.....I see the station but it is greyed out. My symphony II picked up and played this station with no problem.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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