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Has Anyone cleared the WARNING screen on the RNS-E

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by using a VAG tool...if so how? Thanks in advance (Also which cable did you use....I have a B7 A4 and have been told thats a hex-com cable is needed)
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No solution yet for the disclaimer and for a B7 you should get a HEX-COM or HEX-USB with CAN since many of the devices are only accesible via CAN.
CAN (Controller Area Network) is a twisted pair (2-wire) serial bus network to allow devices to comunicate with each other. In the past most configurable devices were accesible via the L-wire, later K-wire and at the end even two K-wires. The K-wire is going to get replaced by the CAN bus to reduce the number of wires and enable the various devices to talk to each other. Instead of having a single wire for light, ignition, speed, reverse and other signals, two wires (CAN high/low) are sufficient today. In newer Audis, several devices are only accessible via K-wire. Most of the engine controllers, the phone interface, MMI in the A6/A8, they are all CAN only devices not supporting communication via K-wire anymore.
thanks guys......I was really hoping someone had found a way to clear the warning's pretty annoying to have to press it every tine you turn the car off and on...
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