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harman/kardon drive+play

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anyone heard about this yet or seen it? it seems like it'd be almost better than the icelink in a sense you can see the songs/playlists. and im thinking that there is a way to link the control to nav instead of the little display.
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yeah...I've seen those. All that this thing does is allows you to hide your ipod in the glove box....but then it gives you two more things that you have to mount on your dash etc.

1) display unit (looks like ipod GUI)
2) control thingy....that mounts down near your parking brake.

Don't expect it to integrate text info into the RNE-E...because it won't. The only thing that this will give you is RCA outputs (red/white). I believe you'd still need blitzsafe device (trunk/front) to give you audio input into the RNS-E. I believe that dietz has a special audio input device for the RNS-E (1215..I think)?

At least the Icelink lets you control the ipod with your factory HU...or RNS-E.

Just my .02.
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Just had it installed and I am really impressed with it. It did need a Dietz adapter CT90-AU04 from here:

I do have some engine noise however so am going to try a suppressor.
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