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Hands free mobilphone

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Can someone please help me, I can not get my Mobil phone to work after I uppgrade to the RNS-E.
Before I have the RNS-D and then it work.
I have a Cullmann adapter where I put my phone, to use the handsfree,
Does this have somthing to do with the adapter I connect the RNS-E to my car (A6 2002 mod.) or is the adaper the same with and without the Cullmann adapter?
Hope someone can give me some advice!
Thank's in advance!
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Your RNS-E adapter need to have 3 wires (TEL + / TEL - / MUTE) you will need to patch to those 3.
Thank you!
Do you have an pinout from the Navi RNS-D to the RNS-E
Only a question.........
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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