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It actually just hooked right up. The microphone even fit into the prepared microphone area in the upper console:
(the grating in the lower right of this pic)

I'm using TEL module version G. My phone is a SonyEricsson W600 from Cingular.

I was unable to VAG the TEL unit through the K-Line... but WAS able to VAG the Nav unit finally. (newer VW radios are diag'ed through the CAN-BUS... not a K-Line... so that's why it wasn't seeing it before. We just jumped the climatronic's K-Line to the radio/TEL and it was fine)
-- I will investigate... but since it worked in its default configuration we were just kinda like "screw it". (that may be why I'm having issues, see list below)

CURRENT ISSUES: (everything's working except)
+ doesn't show my service provider at the top of the main screen... just says "Telephone"

+ doesn't load ANY of my phonebook stuff from the phone (is it supposed to?)... but when I get calls it shows the name at the top of the screen

+ microphone is apparently too quiet, I may adjust this through VAG-COM if I can get the module to diagnose (maybe I installed it backwards or something, who knows)

Anyone else having these issues, or is it just me?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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