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Got a Dietz 1280 now how do I install it!!!!

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Just got a 1280 adapter for video in motion on the RNSe upfront. Now, the wires are as follows:

1 - CAN High
2 - CAN Low
3 - Ground
4 - Switch
5 - CAN High output
6 - CAN Low output
7 - Power
8 - Remote

Now, what do I connect where! The instructions are not very good English! Ground and Power are easy, thats fine (is it a perm live I need?), Remote I dont need, correct?

The main questions are:

1 - Do i need Perm Live (like the one on my 1417?)?
2 - Remote is not used
3 - In order to use NAV I need to disable the 1280. What kind of switch do I connect to the switch wire? Surely the switch wire goes into the switch then another wire on the other side of the switch to complete the cirsuit?
4 - Presumably for the CAN, the side that comes from the car I connect to input, then the stereo side to output and cut the original wire in the middle, so the CAN runs COMPLETLEY through the 1280?

Am I right here!! Please help me!!

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Correct for the CAN, just break the can wires between the HU and the car.

+12V goes to perm live just like your (my) 1417

You need a latching switch for the switch going to +12V

Cheers Craig

So remote is not used?

And latching switch, do I just wire that into the +12V perm or do I use the switch cable to do that?

Just thought of something else too....... If i am splitting the CAN wires, which side of the 1280 do my can wires need to go to my 1417, or does that not matter?

one side of the switch goes to +12v, the other side to the 1280.

as for the 1280 it connects between car and the 1417, keep the 1417 can bus attached to the hu.
i did mine that same as craigyb describes and it works great!!..
Right cheers guys.

So, on the switch thing I am NOT using the Switch wire, just the 12V+ wire, so I do not use either Remote OR Switch wire, correct?


no, you need to supply +12v (on a switch) to the "switch" wire -- this is what activates the 1280..

you will not use the "remote" wire..

you can use the same +12v source for "power" and "switch", but must put a physical switch on the "switch" wire..

hope this clarifies..
i put my switch here (B6-A4)

Sorry for the really bad picture, but is this about corrent?

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yes that is what you need..
But not drawn by a 2 year old.... :)
Cheers guys!

Thanks Craig - I might have a career change and become a artist!!!! Maybe not on second thoughts!!!!
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