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Good to be on board

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Its good to be on board. My earlier addresses were blocking the join but I'm on board now. Didn't help I've been bouncing around awhile with work - but have been lurking since July.

I recently (september) installed the modified RNS-E "D" unit into my Canadian A4. I purchased the unit from Power Tony in person (I go to NL at least once a month) and was amazed at his little set up. He's been quite helpful since the purchase.

I have pictures in my personal album area. It seems that Canadian sales of A4's go much the same way as in NL as I also had to convert from a single-din concert radio. This was definitely a challenge, but not a huge problem.

A remaining issue is that my AM stations remaining on the European increment of 9 and the RDS information and station identification in FM. All seemed to be correct at purchase but may have been muddled during installation into my car. Any ideas? Will the new US software and map help out?


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You had incorrect upgrade upgrade (EU>to>US110) will fix this problem ;)
Nice -

Will be updating shortly then. :D
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