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Glovebox CD changer issues after RNS-E upgrades

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OK, recently installed RNS-E's into 2 B6 A4's and after the upgrade the Glovebox CD changer wouldnt load disks.

Both part number: 8E0 057 111

So after a bit of head scratching and the usual unload disks, power everything off, disconnect CD changer. etc Still no joy.

So, I changed the CD changers around and guess what, they both worked frist time. I suspected this before as another A4 that I had done had the same issue and the owner swapped his A3 GB changer with the A4 and they both worked.

So now I carry a spare CD changer to reset the one in the car, swap them around and back again and eveything works.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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