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Glovebox CD changer install instructions for 2005 B6 S4?

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It looks like the glovebox CD changer will fit in my B6's glovebox if I cut out some of the back wall of the OEM glovebox. Anyone have instructions on how to remove the glovebox?

When this is done, are there special brackets I would need to keep the changer from moving around inside the glovebox? (Mine didn't come with any.) Have others used velcro or something similar?

I understand that another option is to purchase the B7 glovebox which was designed to fit the glovebox CD changer. Does anyone have the part number and price for this?

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i doubt someone installed a CDC in a "regular" glove box... haven't heard of such anyway...

this is what the CDC glove box looks like...

as you can see the fit is actually perfect... the CDC is held in place and cannot be removed w/o using the radio removal keys.

the CDC glove box was also available for the B6 over in Europe, but i don't think it matters whether you get a B6 or B7 CDC glove box...

ClairParts sell them for a hefty $298.71... about 2.5 times more than what they used to sell them for...
your best bet might be to get in touch w/ Greg (400HPA4 on AZ) and ask him if he can get you one driectly from Germany...

the part number for the glove box is: 8E1 857 035 D XXX... XXX being the colour code, black is 6PS...[/code][/flash]
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Wow! That blue trim looks really nice! Is that factory? I was thinking of buying a spare set of trim for my car and painting it Imola Yellow to match the outside (keeping the original in case I didn't like it).
custom painted when i got my lowers done... if you've got a black interior then get the black trims (probably the cheapest to buy) and do it!!!
Is the glovebox interchangeable with A4 B7 or would it be another part number?
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