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Glove Box CD help

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I'm trying to purchase a glove box cd changer to work w/ my navi-plus. I see on the Nav+ info site that, "Be careful on this. The version 8E0 057 111 (no revision letter) most North American Audi dealers will have WILL NOT WORK!"

The only units I can find have no revision letter.

Has anyone got a glovebox cd changer to work w/ Navi+? If so, what's the part #?
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Teddy: Thanks for the reply. I looked at your posts. Looks like the parts cost ~$400 total for a phatbox install. Will the part #'s you reference work for the cd-based nav+ in an 02 A4? I see you have an A6 so I didn't know if the part #'s are different
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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