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Getting more Tag ID information with OEM Satellite Radio?

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Why can't/don't we get more information about the artist/song titles with our OEM satellite tuners? Is is possible that a firmware for the satellite tuner would/could change this?

Other head units scroll the information when the information is too long to fit on the screen. I was just wondering why ours couldn't be done the same way.
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Depends how much of the information is sent using the CAN bus and how much using the CD changer interface (which doesn't support CD text at all). If it's sent over the CD changer interface then no firmware upgrade is possible (the bus protocol just doesn't allow that data to be transferred), if it's over the CAN bus then in theory a firmware upgrade may be possible - but don't hold your breath!

On a similar theme - why doesn't the MP3 information on the DIS scroll? Seeing only the first 8 characters is pretty useless.
Todd, other headunits scroll the information because the displays are too small to display it all at once. Our headunits display all 16 characters (each for song title and artist name) that are transmitted at once, so we don't have to have a scrolling display to handle it.

We are getting the same information as everyone else, we just have better displays that are made to show it all at once.
I see, but if I'm listening to a talk show that has the phone number listed on the display. The RNS-E isn't showing the full number. Which seems a little useless, what if I wanted to call in the station to speak my mind?

I'd really like to see all of the information, even if I had to hit a button to get it to scroll to see the whole ID Tag. And then it could go back to the 16 digit set screen.
Actually I was wrong.. XM transmits 16 characters but Sirius transmits 32. It seems you have a valid complaint.

XM just changed over to a 32 character transmission... but there is only one delphi receiver capable of displaying all 32. In consideration of the millions of customers with 16 character devices, XM is still (usually) only transmitting 16 characters. I suspect this consideration will pass with time, and XM users will be facing the same limitations that you Sirius guys already have.

Right now, on XM, if the name is longer than 16 characters, they will just take out a few vowels to make it fit while still being somewhat legible.
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