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Ok heres how I managed to get a 3rd party cable to work with vag com.

Firstly, unless it is a branded cable supplied with a suitable driver VAG-COM will not 'see' it as a usb device regardless of the version you are using.
To overcome this (providing you are using Windows XP) simply plug the USB connector into the laptop (the other end doesn't need to be plugged into the car at this point) and allow Windows to install the "standard USB-Serial driver".(these drivers can be found quite easily on the net).

Go into the Control Panel, then to System, and click on the Hardware tab, next select Device Manager.

Once the new window opens you will find a cable under the Ports section, (It will say USB serial) right click on it and select Properties. Once in there, simply change the COM port it was using to one between 1 and 4 (that isnt already in use) and save the settings.

Reopen VAG-COM and in the Options tab select the COM port you selected for your cable to and hit the Test button - hey presto - it works! :lol: :lol:

This seems to work 99% of the time, unless you have purchased a really bad quality cable, which i must say are few and far between now, however if it costs you less than £15 then beware its probably rubbish.

I have done this with around 15 to 20 cables now and have never failed, however you do so at you own risk.

Finally may I add this was used by myself when i was very very very short of funds and needed Vag com to sort a fault on my A4. If I had money available I would purchase the Ross Tech cable without question, the quality is undeniable.

Hope this will help anyone who has fallen on hard time as I had.

Please PM me if you need any further help. :lol:

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Remember that with most third party cables you are restricted to version 409.1 or even 311.2 of VAG-COM, and to program all the features of the RNS-E you need at least version 5xx of VAG-COM (zx81-sp has posted giving details of a third party cable that will work with 607.3 of VAG-COM).

We see many problems on here from people trying to use a third party cable to program their RNS-E, and especially the Bluetooth phone interface (which seems particularly "fussy") - problems which "disappear" when they use a genuine cable.

Another good reason to buy a genuine Ross Tech cable as soon as you can afford/justify it.
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