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Hiya peebs, I have Allroad tdi with and telephone interface installed (4B0 862 335 B), was not in use when i got the car but it was factory fitted.
I have bought a cradle for my nokia phone, but it is is not working properly.
There is a microphone installed in the headline cluster (4B2 862 373 A), the RNS-E i fitted does mute when a call is made and the phone charges. But i do not get any audio, my RNS-E adapter has the tel+ and tel- but i cannot locate the wiring from the car to connect.The old nav+ unit does not have the wires either ....

Any help gratefully recieved.

Aslo what level of intergration will i get, is it just a muting radio or will i be able to have something like the BT module provides?

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