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Has anyone else ran into this? Not sure when it stopped working...maybe when I did the EU -> US software upgrade, but I just noticed today while playing an MP3 song off the SD card.

I tried to fast forward in the song, and nothing. When I release the button, it just goes on to the next track. Same thing when trying to rewind, it does nothing while holding the button down and then when released, it goes to the begining of the song or to the previous track.

Anyone else ran into this?
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Mine also behaves this way with my US software.
I believe this was the case with Software version 20. 40 or higher should allow this to work properly.

What version are you using?
Just checked mine, sw 0110, FF works properly with MP3 from SD.
I am using the US 0110 software on a EU unit.
NSX JR said:
I am using the US 0110 software on a EU unit.
Just checked my C unit running US 0110 and it doesn't do the FF/RR, it just skips to the next song. There seems to be a difference between the Euro and US units running US sw 0110 in regards to how they treat the FF and RR keys. Strange... :?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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