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function change speed

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When I first installed the EU RNS-E, it was so very fast. I could push the NAV button and the map would be there as soon as I hit the button or I could push the CD/TV button and the corresponding screen would be there as soon as I pressed it as well as any other button I pressed. Now the unit takes about 1 second after I let up on the button to start to display that function. Except for the CD/TV and NAV buttons. When I press either of them, it takes 2 or 3 seconds now.
Has anyone else noticed something simular with their RNS-E?
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I get this when I first start the car.. I'm wondering if the "pc" is booting itself. It takes a few seconds and everything is running slowely (like selecting a town etc), but then it comes good..
mine is slow from time to time, but not always.. if i switch screens quickly or if the SD card is still loading it is definitely a bit slow..
Yesterday it started going very fast again, like it used to be. Then today, it was going very, very slow while I was using "Name" and entering new date. Then while I was still entering info, it just started going fast again.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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