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Fun Times Here!

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Just this weekend I drove home with my 2011 Audi TTS!!!!!!
My question is!!

My drive home it felt a bit bumpy. Then the tire icon went on, the display said it was the front right passenger. The tire was checked and actually was overinflated. Whats next to check? I'm a bit bummed that a possible sensor needs to be replace and I only have the car for 2 days!
Other than that I love the drive! So fun
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Tyre pressures are worked out on wheel rotation speed using the ABS sensors. So there are no pressure sensors as such. Set the tyre pressures and reset the stores values. All should be good.
Thanks! If you will, one more question: Is there years or mileage to keep in mind for the timing belt to be replaced?
One thing more! Is it a good option to join the premier forum?
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