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Full install instructions of RNS-E on Audi RS6

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Hi friends,

I have finally done the full write up with pix of the RNS-E install on my RS6. I have done my first pass, and as such it is quite possibly full of a few mistakes. If any of you care to look at it, and send me some feedback, it would be great. URL at bottom of the post.

Please feel free to add my install to the list within the site if you so wish.
Also feel free to use any of my pix on the site as you wish.

My RS6 RNS-E installation
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Great write up! I took the freedom to add this to the RNS-E Quick Links.
Awesome write-up. I don't think I even need to do one now...

But, no reverse wire?
I don't know what is the reverse wire. If you educate me, I can add it.
Good stuff. Thanks for the info on the PDF. I will look at it as well, and make sure to add that portion.
nene said:
Good stuff. Thanks for the info on the PDF. I will look at it as well, and make sure to add that portion.
Thanks. My RNS.pdf file is currently in development as is not available publicly at this time. This is just a sample image from that document.

the only problem I encountered was where the GALA wire attached to the Kufatec adaptor. The adaptor I got from Lanny at Europarts was missing the pin for the V-signal. Lanny promptly sent me one additional wire and pin which simply snapped into the blank spot in the connector (side that went directly into the nav unit) From there I just took my tapped wire from behind the cluster and connected it to the loose wire on my RNS-E adaptor. I did not have to cut any wires on the OEM harness behind the radio. This to me would seem again one step easier. In talking with Lanny he said that the adaptors he had were more specific for a A4 so the V-signal wire/pin is not used and therefore missing in the adaptor. Not having that wire for a couple of days is the only thing that slowed my installation. Well that and having a one heck of a time removing the radio.

Great writeup!
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well done. Great pix and write-up as always. I appreciate you listing my name on the bottom. Great collection of pix from your install and others.

One other item worth noting:
Pushing the RNS-E into place can be aided by using the OEM shipping plate (sits over the cover/face of the RNS-E). There are very few of these floating around. If you purchased a new US RNS-E unit from the dealer...then chances are, you'll get the shipping plate. The shipping plate is ideal as it plugs into the four "slots" where the radio removal keys go....but it doesn't require you to have the RNS-E out of the DIN cage to remove it. Basically, the shipping plate will allow you to apply the appropriate pressure on the RNS-E while pushing it back into place. I will stress that you do not want to push on the corners of the RNS-E as they can be prone to bending (with enough applied force).

Also, the shipping plate is typically only needed for C5 A6/S6/RS6/allroad installs as the space behind the RNS-E is at such a premium. I was lucky enough to source one from a local Audi enthusiast (Thanks Eric, Lee and this plate has logged 3K miles in two weeks. :) ).

If anyone needs it for their installation, I would be more than happy to lend it out to you....along with my other special install tools etc. :)
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What nene describes in his post is exactly what I did to make my RNS "easily" slide into place on the first try.

The shipping plate would be a nice tool, but without one, just push the RNS with both hands using equal pressure. Place your fingers as close to the removal key slots as possible, without pushing on the LCD. I heard 4 very distinctive snaps as each tab locked into place.
Thanks for the wonderful feedback guys. Will make the changes to the document tonight on my second pass for sure. I would be lost without this community.
some additional feedback to your excellent write-up.....

In Figure 8 (pix of cables behind US-based Nav drive): you show a connection to the GPS cable and here is the text:

"Step 3: There are three connectors that you unclip from the CD based Navigation system. Two of them are of no use to us any longer. The third one, is the actual antenna clip as seen pointed to by the red arrow in figure 8 below. Please keep in mind that it is a female adapter attached to the CD based Navigation system. As such, you must use the male connector from your Navigation Antenna Adapter shown previously in figure 3. Below it is already all connected, and the wire is attached to the wiring harness with small plastic zip ties."

I believe that you still need to remove the Blue FAKRA adaptor ( gold-ish color) and little plastic retaining ring before you can connect it. I am pretty sure this is the straight angle connection....while the right angle connection (from that extension cable) will connect behind the RNS-E.

It's a minor thing...but probably worth pointing out.

Good stuff dude!!
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Good point Ted. The pic on figure 3 was borrowed from one of the ones on the other installs. The wire I got from website, the actual connector no longer had the cover, and that is why I did not add. I am waiting for the site to come back up to see if I can get one of their pix, which shows only the gold male plug that connects.
Will make adjusment if I can't find a more recent pic.

Here is the pic of the item I purchased which required no modification:
Click here
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