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Found this RNS-E Telephone pic on a German forum.

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You get this with the new EU software 0330 and a new A4 phone interface with a "C" index. Let's wait and see if the 2006 A4 has a similar interface...
The Euro phone interface should be 8P0 862 335, index D,E and C are available. Only the "C" unit supports the new software and phone features. I'm not sure if there is also a 8E0 862 335C. There are some references to different devices in the A3 and A4 but there are also references saying that they are the same.

It will be interesting to see if the US phone interface gets a new part number of is taken from Europe without changes. There was also one reference talking about retrofit attempts of the OEM phone interface.
I would agree with having a "D" or "E" is better than having the "C". But what has been reported on is that the new phone features only work with the newest "C" phone interface. Maybe someone with access to a part catalogue can lookup what the newest revision is?
BayrischerS4 said:
A friend of mine has already installed the Bluetooth option with his EU unit here in the US on his "05 S4 and he loves it.
Did he install "a" Bluetooth phone kit (e.g. the Parrot) or "the" Bluetooth phone interface (e.g. the 2006 Audi phone interface)? A normal BT phonekit should work fine (Proxus has this since day one without making any change) but it doesn't integrate with the RNS-E and multi function steering wheel. Only the OEM phone interface is detected by the RNS-E and DIS and offers the additional features. BTW, I think I have heard that Kufatec has been contacted to create a custom harness for the phone interface retrofit.
Cool :p

Part numbers? Source for the harness? Which phone? Sorry for asking so many questions but that's definitely the next mod on my list...
BayrischerS4 said:
Hopefully I will have some pictures and more info to post from my friend. it seems his Audi dealer is quite knowledgable and here is a bit of unique info for you all. I suspect that the firmware in the US and EU units is interchangeable, that's why I'm looking for a US and EU unit that work but look like crap or are in a condition of where no one would buy them so I can pull the chips out of them and compare the code.
I have suspected this for some time now but after he got his BT unit installed something happened that has me believing it more so than ever.
After the BT was installed his EU unit all of a sudden started showing hte legal disclaimer about operating things while the vehicle is moving and yadayadayada..... The tech had to go in and re-program the RNS-E unit itself and after doing so he was able to remove that annoying legal mumbojumbo. Now I find this very interesting - what do you guys think?
This is indeed very interesting. From what I read on the boards so far it looks like you can flash several devices with new software. The phone interface and other controllers are good examples. During the process the firmware gets reset to read x--- or something like that. In a second step the correct/updated firmware gets loaded.

I played a little with my EU RNS-E and tried to load the US software. I got it to read x--- as the software version (something which had also been reported back in March when we tried to get the US DVD to work in the EU unit) but it would not proceed to load the US software. It rebooted twice to do the update but I couldn't get anywhere from there. I'm still trying to get the EU sw 0140 to see if I can make any progress here. Maybe someone with good connections to an Audi dealer can try to get a US software update CD (no map, just the software). I would offer my assistance and try it on my EU unit before I eventually get the new EU software to reset it back to EU standards.

Regarding the compatibility I wouldn't assume that the EU and US devices are the same based on what we have seen so far. They might be but they could also be completely different. The situation with the sat receivers where the EU unit doesn't recognize the sat receiver and even the US unit has problems with the first generation sat receivers, Audi is doing some crazy stuff there.

Still, the more people report what they successful retrofit, the more interesting it will get. The RNS-E first the first piece, BT phone and mutlifunction steering wheels are probably next. And at the end we can even get the TPMS retrofitted :lol:
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Looks like it's not that easy to get the part numbers and other info. Unfortunately, because besides us here a lot A3 and B7 owners are just waiting for someone to come up with a retrofit... :cry:
Interesting discussion on AudiWorld: Factory OEM Bluetooth Retro-fitting...

If this is true there should be some BT prep in any new A3 or B7 and it should be possible to get the part numbers and/or TSB which describes the install. If only someone could step up and share these information :cry:
PROXUS said:
I'm almost 99% sure that it's possible to retrofit B7 Bluetooth into B6.
The only question is that BT need to be operable from steering wheel or not.

We need to remember that B7 is equipped with BT button regardless if system is present or not.
You can order in Germany an A3 without RNS-E and without multifunction steering wheel. The cradle has then two buttons, one is to accept a call and to activate voice control, the other one is to call Audi for help :lol:
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